Here we go again.  

Yet another "STUDY" to show how horrible we have it in Wyoming.

Once again this "STUDY" is based on half data and assumptions. Let's pick it apart.

OH LOOK, It's from WALLET HUB again. Well if it's them then we know this is going to be easy.

The personal finance website, WalletHub, released a new study titled: "2022’s Best & Worst States for Working Moms", Wyoming did not score well according to their lame assessment.

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Wyoming ranked 31st overall.

But we ranked 49th for "Highest Gender Pay Gap (women's earnings as a percentage of men's) and 47th for "Lowest Female Executive to Male Executive Ratio).

But the "gender pay gap" has been proven a myth a long time ago. The entire idea was based on a fake and sloppily done study. Why is Wallet Hub still using it?

Watch the video below to see why there is NOT a gender pay gap.

While Wyoming did rank slightly better with "Child Care" (coming in at 26th).

Yet they only look at child care provided by the state or with state subsidies.

Obviously, moms don't need government help for their kids if they want to work. There are many private daycares, friends, and family that take care of kids that are never entered into the equation.

What if mom can work from home at a job where she does not need daycare? They don't enter that into the equation.

We also have to look at what a parent, mom or dad, wants out of working.

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Do they need to earn just a little extra money or do they actually have career goals?

There are many people who want to stay at home and raise their kids and do not want to work. They should not be counted as "unfortunate" if that is what their goals are.

Why do we measure people based on their jobs?

What about family?

On this topic a lady from Douglas Wyoming wrote to me:

I know how false that those statistics are because I moved here from Pennsylvania and I have always made good money.

Whether working for a company or working for myself.

I've had three different businesses the same as or if not more than a lot of men that I know in this town including my husband so they are totally false and they forget that Wyoming is very woman orientated.

We were the first to allow women to vote did they forget about that and it's very easy for us to start a business here whether it's from home or a place that you have for an office.

I'd love to meet some of these idiots that work for wallet hub and how much they're paying them and how many women there are and what their pay Gap is.


Did Wallet Hub ever bother to send anyone to Wyoming to survey moms and ask them what they thought about Wyoming's work environment?


As with all Wallet Hub "STUDIES" they never actually go to the places they are talking about to see if what they are saying is true.


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