I have to wonder how much adrenaline went through the veins of this family as they woke up to find bear cubs raiding their fridge.

This happened somewhere near South Lake Tahoe, California. The family heard dishes breaking and thought it was their friends fighting. It wasn't.

The vandals turned out to be three bear cubs who were having their way with ice cream and just about anything and everything frozen.

After the home owners tried to scare the cubs away, instead they came to the stairs to investigate. One even began to ascend the stair which could have been very bad. While bear cubs this small look mighty cute and somewhat harmless, the real trouble was getting closer to the home outside as their mama was trying to locate her young ones.

As National Geographic pointed out in an article, a mama bear with cubs is one of the most dangerous bear scenarios you can imagine. They were fortunate that the cubs eventually scurried out of the door as their mama wasn't far away.

Maybe this family should check out an article at House Logic that provides some helpful tips on how to bear-proof your home. With an encounter like this, there has to be a window or door that needs some additional securing especially now that this bear family knows food lives here.

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