To be fair, he was only in his underwear for a short while.

Harald Baldr is a professional traveler and YouTuber with 2.37 million subscribers.

He is a well-known Norwegian travel vlogger, well-liked for the way he describes his trips across the globe and his tours of various locations

Harald enjoyed his last trip to Wyoming so much that he decided to return and explore some more.

This time he stayed at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, Wyoming and went hiking up into the Bighorn Mountains in the middle of winter.

The video of his trip includes live music he recorded at The Saloon, which is part of the Occidental and one of the oldest operating saloons in Wyoming.

He takes the time to chat with regulars at the bar and folks who run the hotel.

The Wyoming Experience: America's Wild West 🇺🇸 Watch the video below.

USA, WYOMING: It's been 3 years since my first visit to Wyoming, America's least populated state with just 580 000 residents.

Home to Yellowstone National Park, most people who visit tend to go there for that experience.

As for me, I was anxious to book a stay at my favorite hotel in the entire world: the historic Wild West Hotel which still goes by the name The Occidental.

As much as he enjoyed the Occidental, it was not why he was really in Buffalo Wyoming.

My main goal for the trip was to conquer Fireball Peak in winter. Would there be too much snow and ice to climb the hill?

attachment-Harald Baldr youtube buffalo wyoming

This is a hard hike in the summer. He's trying it in the winter. That's dangerous.

His hike down is beautiful.

Next, it was off to Story Wyoming to explore the town on foot.

He takes a little time to interview the owners of the famous Astoria Hotel.

Then it's back to Buffalo to explore the shops and talk to store owners.

Finally, he wraps it up with some good old Wyoming shooting lessons.

If you've never been to this area, or have a limited knowledge of it, this is a great video to use as a starting point. Then plan your trip.

The video below is from Harald Baldr's first trip to Wyoming back in 2021.

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The ice can be heard making strange noises, from snap, crackle, and pop, to glub glub.

The works of people talking in a normal tone of voice carry across the frozen surface.

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