I'll start by pleading, once again, please do not shoot veridical video with your phone. If you turn your phone sideways the video will fill the YouTube screen and not leave black spaces on the sides. THANK YOU! 

OKAY SO in the video below is a buck that sees a rival on the other side of a neighborhood chain link fence. Watch him leap over without a running start. He just leaps right the heck over. It's really impressive.

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His rival, on the other side, knows why this guy is soaring over the fence. It's not to say hello and make small talk. He is ready as soon as his challenger lands and IT IS ON BABY!

BUT WAIT! A 3rd buck then jumps the fence and it is a 3 way battle for the little lady who is watching near the house. The 3rd buck joins in at first but then decides to sit back and wait to see who wins the fight, and he'll take that guy on. I think a better strategy would have been to sneak off with the lady while the first two were fighting.

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