The weather is getting nice and the fish are beginning to wonder where you are.

No, really they think about things like that. I mean, what else really does a fish have to think about all day?

So you're gearing up to go fly fishing. But, like any hobby, you need to spend too much money on accessories. Honestly, that's part of the fun of the hobby.

Depending on where you are going there is probably a fly fishing shop that can help you. This is Wyoming after all.

I'm not going to name every shop in Wyoming. Just a few of my favorites. My apologies to all of the great stores I missed.


Fly Shop of the Bighorns | Angling Destinations

At the foot of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming, in the heart of historic downtown Sheridan, the Fly Shop of the Bighorns has served as our region's. I've been in this shop a few times. They have a great staff and everything you need to tie new flies on site.

Four Seasons Anglers

Four Seasons Anglers is located at 334 S Fillmore St., Laramie, WY 82070. One of the finest fishing shops in Laramie, and probably in the state.

North Platte River Fly Shop 

Platte River Fly Shop 7400 State Hwy 220 Casper, Wy 82604 Hours: Monday - Fri: 8am -5pm Saturday:... Who doesn't want to fish the Miracle Mile. There are lots of shops in this area that sell fishing stuff. But only a couple that specialize in it.
Nano Calvo_VWPics_Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Nano Calvo_VWPics_Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Ugly Bug Fly Shop - Casper

Welcome to the Ugly Bug Fly Shop. Since 1983 the Ugly Bug Fly Shop has supplied the Fly-fishers in Wyoming and around the country with the best gear. Also great location for fishing the Miracle Mile. Located in downtown Casper they have it all with a staff that knows all about local fishing.

Thermopolis Fly Shop

Located in Thermopolis WY, Two Rivers Inn & Thermopolis Fly Shop is here to help you book your next Wyoming Adventure! If you love the idea of fishing one of Wyoming's most beautiful canyons you'll want to stop here before you start.
Fly fishing
Orvis Guide To Fly Fishing via YouTube

Wind River Flyfitter

Wind River Flyfitter is a full-service fly shop - Shop fly fishing poles, flies, and other gear. Located in Dubois, WY along the Wind River. Water flows through this area fast from the mountains above. The fish and the fishermen love it.

Grand Fishing - Jackson Hole

Check out Grand Fishing Adventures' fly fishing store near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in Teton Village. We carry everything you need to get out on the water. Who doesn't want to fish with the Tetons in the background?

This is the shortlist of great shops. There are so many more all over Wyoming. Admit it, you love shopping for this stuff almost as much as you love fishing.

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