Wyoming has some of the most unique geological wonders in the United States. But you won't find most of it if you stick to the highways and only visit the biggest tourist locations.

Feeling adventurous? Visit the many points on this online map, with the most fascinating wonders that most folks visiting Wyoming never see. Some people who have lived here all of their lives don't know about these places. Some Wyomingites live right by some of the most interesting geology in America and don't even know it.

You can visit amazing locations by the name of the formation or the county that they are in.

Lets look at one county, as an example:

Some counties only have one link, but the link is a big find. Crook County only lists Devil's Tower, for example. But with a formation like that they really don't need any more.

Each link tells about how the landmark was formed and then information on how to get there, nearby towns, and where you can camp. Also included are trails to hike and back roads to explore.

Think you've seen it all? You haven't even begun to explore.

Thanks to Geowyo.com for this amazing site showing the many hidden splendors Wyoming has to offer.

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