We've known since this summer that the legendary treasure of Forrest Fenn has been found. Now, thanks to multiple news sources, we know the identity of the finder. He's a medical student from Michigan.

CNN and NBC Montana have both confirmed that the identity of the finder of Forrest Fenn's treasure is Jack Steuf. They reference an article in Outside Magazine that reveals Jack learned of the treasure on Twitter back in 2018 before he began his pursuit. The story indicates that the identity has been validated by Forrest Fenn's grandson.

The interesting backstory behind Jack Steuf's pursuit of the treasure is that he didn't reveal that he was looking for it even to his own family as he believed they wouldn't understand according to Outside.

Why is he willing to reveal his identity now? According to CNN, it's because his name was about to be made public thanks to a lawsuit.

That leaves just one very big question. Where did he find it? Jack Steuf isn't telling and it appears that the location will never be revealed as he and Forrest agreed that it should remain a mystery due to the mystique of the treasure. We have confirmed that it was in Wyoming though.

Jack Steuf's Twitter page
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