There are actually a few working pay phones still out there- and no, I'm not kidding!

There is even a website showing where they are.

For The Young People Out There

There was a time when people did not carry their phones in their pockets. They are far too big and hand to be attached to what was called a "land line." Nothing was portable.

Pay phones, like the ones you see in this video, were everywhere.

When my parents were kids they dropped a nickel in then dialed the number. Later it was a dime. In my day it was a quarter.

Not many pay phones are out there today. If you do find one it probably does not work.

So where are these working pay phones in Wyoming?

Just follow this link, it should take you to them.

It has been a little while since this list was updated so, if you should decided to go exploring and find one of these phones, please let me know if it is still working.

Younger folks out there might need to get someone older to show them how a pay phone works. It's really not hard. Or watch this video for instructions.

For music lovers out there, you can imagine that there were a lot of songs about calling someone on a pay phone.

Usually is was a sad love song like the one I have for you below.

This poor fellow is asking the operator to help him place the call, there are tears in his eyes and he can't see.

Way back when if you push the zero button and wait a moment a lady would come on the phone offering assistance.

At the end of the song he tells her, "you can keep the dime." Going back to when a phone call costs only a dime tells you hold old the song was.

Have fun searching for those Wyoming pay phones. Soon, there will be none left.

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