A child suffers from cancer. The family is overwhelmed.

In Wyoming, there is help with the tidal wave of bills that are about to come crashing down on the family and loved ones.

Jason’s Friends Foundation assists families across the state of Wyoming with children from birth through the age of 20 who have been diagnosed with cancer, brain tumors, or spinal cord tumors.

Yet there are people across the state that needed these services, yet do not know that the program exists.

The program provides monetary assistance for:

  • Travel expenses: fuel, lodging, meals, groceries, airfare
  • Household bills: mortgage/rent, utilities, car, phone
  • Child’s individual insurance deductible
Photo Credit: Skyla Smith
Photo Credit: Skyla Smith

Families are eligible for assistance while the child is in treatment, ill as a result of treatment, and for follow-up appointments that require the parent/guardian to miss work and lose income.

If you, or someone you know, needs the assistance of this program, just CLICK HERE to go to the Jason's Friends website.

Unfortunately, not all children survive their battle with cancer. They are there to help these families with final expenses. To comfort and encourage families as they endure the loss of their child, we provide bereavement support.

Jason’s Friends Foundation provides organized community support that is otherwise unavailable in Wyoming.

Along with advocacy and emotional support, they ensure that Wyoming families will not lose everything they own simply because they’ve had the misfortune of having a child with cancer.

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Jason's Friends provides financial assistance for any Wyoming family regardless of income, allowing them to focus on one of the most emotional and critical challenges in life, having a child with cancer.

90% of all dollars received by Jason’s Friends Foundation goes directly to the financial support of Wyoming families enrolled in our program.


Created in 1996, the formation and philosophy of Jason’s Friends Foundation were inspired by the life of Rocky and Lisa Eades’ son Jason William Eades (April 7, 1986 – November 11, 1995).

Originally Jason’s Friends Foundation had little money and focused more on providing personal assistance for families, such as fixing meals and helping with shopping. It quickly became evident that what families needed most was financial assistance.

Since then, the majority of help they give to families is financial support.

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