Yes, you read that headline correctly. Fire Tornado Warning. Writing this headline felt as weird as writing 'Murder Hornets' for the first time. For the record, these "Fire Tornado's" do not come with sharks.

Fire tornadoes are nothing new. But now they are being forecasted.

The Reno office of the National Weather Service posted the warned for Northern California after one was spotted last Saturday afternoon. It was spotted moving with a fast moving wild fire.

It's the first time a tornado warning has been issued that as not associated with rain, according to a spokesperson for the National Weather Service.

The area where the warning occurred was already dealing with a fire. Then, in part due to the fire, winds hit 60 mph in the area, whipping up the cloud. Combine the two and that can create a fire tornado.

The weather is not getting stranger. In the past this planets weather has been far stranger that in is now. But new and better ways of forecasting sure makes it sound like a lot of weird things are happening out there.

So what's next for the strange year of 2020? The video below will illustrate.

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