Honestly, with the way that 2020 has been going I've been wondering if we would all make it this far.

But hang on, here comes the first day of summer for 2020.

I know, now is the time that Yellowstone blows it's top. But let's not think about that just yet. Here are a few things we can do while the rest of the nation tries to sort out it's problems, most of which it brought on itself.

I've lived many different places in my life and no matter where I have been, it seems that the locals lack an appreciation for where they have grown up. It all seems so boring to them. Perhaps because they have always been around it so there is nothing new and exciting.

Here is my advice - right now the rest of America is not such a nice place to be. If you are from Wyoming, stay here and enjoy the state. You really do live in a great place.

A short list of things to enjoy:

National Parks & Monuments
Horseback Riding
ATV & Off-Roading
Hot springs

YES we will have a few festivals around the state, including the state fair.

The website TripAdvisor has listed 15 things to do in Wyoming during the summer of 2020. It's a good list.

Compared to the rest of the nation, Wyoming is a nice, quiet, and safe place to be. This year, if I may be so bold as to suggest - vacation at home.

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