Once again WalletHub has published a "study" that is filled with flaws, assumptions, and was conducted by a lazy researcher who has never been to Wyoming. This study ranks working moms in each state and gives Wyoming a low score. 

Wyoming calls itself "The Equality State." WalletHub would have you believe that it scored poorly for working moms when it comes to equality, such as opportunity and equal pay.

According to WalletHub: Wyoming suffered the most on the study because of our ranking in two certain metrics. We ranked 51st (dead last), for the "highest gender pay gap" and 47th for the "lowest female executive to male executive ratio."

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But it was proven a long time ago that the "gender pay gap" is a myth. This is because studies on who gets paid how much and why have been more than just a little flawed.

You'll find a video below, a real study, that shows why and how men get paid what they do.

Let's start with some basic logic.

If women only get paid .77c for every dollar a man makes, which is the claim, then why don't companies only hire women and save the money?

If a man and a woman are hired for the same job at the same time they will be paid the same. No pay gap there.

But men in Wyoming tend to take on riskier, more dangerous jobs in this state. Those jobs offer more pay.

When there is a family involved a man tends to think of himself as the one who needs to bring in the money. So he works longer hours and goes for raises, bonuses, and promotions.

But the wife tends to see her obligation at home, with the kids. So she does not advance her career and so does not work her way up the company ladder.

This issue has been discussed many times in Wyoming. But WalletHub has never been to this state, so they would not know.


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