After a decade of traveling and taking videos in our twelve western states, I have chosen some favorite places and given them their own short video. For many more videos and underwater images from around the world. Carl Roessler

Carl's video of Pathfinder Dam in Wyoming is a beautiful tour by drone, giving a perspective most people will never see.

I thought the music he chose was a little overdramatic, but the video is excellent.

It begins down by the river, below the dam, with a view of a walking bridge that hangs by cables over the rock and fish-filled water.

Up the canyon, we flow to the dam, and the lake beyond it.

You can watch the video, below. It's just 4 minutes long.

He then turns the drone around and takes us back down the canyon.

If you look closely you can spot Carl, piloting the craft back to where he is.

Birds fly by the camera.

Thankfully there were not any birds of prey. They sometimes like to attack drones.

He then flies us down the river and back up to the parking area.

Carl Roessler has travelled the world shooting photos and videos of things most people can only imagine but will never see in person.

You can visit his YouTube page at this link for more video adventures.

These are some of the shows from thirty years of worldwide diving adventures, plus my subsequent years of traveling to national parks and monuments in our western states. After all that diving-oriented international travel, I took up flying drones, and traveled all over twelve western states seeing the wonders as the eagle does.

Three days ago he posted this video of Devil's Tower, shot by drone.

Please visit my website, for National park and drone galleries organized by state. There are also galleries for the many countries in which I took diving expeditions.


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