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A former Wyoming State Representative and long-time Republican party activist is speaking out in favor of her former boss, Rep. Liz. Cheney.

Amy Edmonds served three terms in the Wyoming House of Representatives, and also served on Rep. Cheney's staff a few years ago. She has long been active in Republican party politics in Wyoming.

She called into Glenn Woods on the ''Wakeup Wyoming" program on Townsquare Media of Wyoming stations on Monday morning to speak up for Rep. Cheney, who has come under heavy fire recently for voting in favor of impeaching then-President Donald Trump.

Cheney was the subject of a large rally in Cheyenne last week, attended by several hundred people. In that rally, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz told the crowd Cheney was a carpetbagger from Virginia who is out of touch with Wyoming and a Washington insider, among other things. Many in the crowd displayed signs calling for Cheney's removal from congress. and the crowd at one point joined in a chant of "Liz go home!"

Edmonds notes that when she first heard some of Cheney's comments on the former president, she was angry. She notes that she had been a big Trump supporter and that she was angry about allegations that Trump had been cheated in the 2020 presidential election. But she says as time went by, she became skeptical, coming to the conclusion that "nothing is there,'' in terms of election fraud on a level that it could have changed the outcome of the election. Cheney said in terms of the Jan, 6 riots at the Capitol, Trump had guests on the stage using terms like "trial by combat" that certainly helped incite violence.

Edmonds says that by the time the House vote on impeachment came, she didn't have a problem with Cheney's vote, adding that she sees it as a ''courageous" vote rather than a case of someone simply adhering to party lines. ''It's hard to find acts of political courage" Edmonds said on Monday, adding that politically, it would have been easier to vote along with most of her party against impeachment.

In terms of Cheney's future. Edmonds told Woods that if people in two years can find a more effective voice for Wyoming in the U.S. House, they should vote for that person. But she predicted that such a person will not be on the ballot.

You can hear the entire interview from the ''Wake Up Wyoming" program in the attached video:


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