Police in Fort Collins have arrested a 45-year old Littleton man who they say was caught looking in windows of homes for sexual gratification.

They also think Vincent Calhoun may have committed similar crimes in communities around the region.

That's according to a post on the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page. According to the post, police received numerous reports of suspicious nighttime trespassing in the 600 block of South Sherwood Street in late September.

On September 22, a police officer caught Calhoun trespassing near a house window. Calhoun's vehicle, a 2018 silver Toyota Camry, was found nearby. According to the post,

Calhoun was arrested for Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification (class 6 felony) and Third Degree Criminal Trespassing, which ultimately led to a Parole Revocation.

Police are asking for anyone with possible information on other incidents involving Calhoun to contact Detective Julia Chenoweth at 970-416-2645.

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