Bears now know how to open car doors.

Maybe that's another reason to keep them locked.

In the video below you'll see a young man, with the help of a friend, opening a car door to shoo a bear out. The bear seems a little confused, wondering if he had done something wrong.

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Did he just go in for a nap? Did he go in looking for food? I found a video of a bear letting her cubs into a minivan so they would all have a warm place to sleep on a cold night.

So lets start with this man man trying to get the bear out of his car then move on to some other examples of bears getting into cars.

This next video is of a bear who know exactly how to operate the handle on a minivan. Imagine climbing in to go someplace and getting half way down the road before you realized there is a bear in the back of your van.

This next bear, it seems, has opened enough car doors that he almost looks like he owns the car. In this case he seems to be looking for food. DO NOT leave snacks in your car.

Here is what I mean by DO NOT LEAVE FOOD IN YOUR CAR. This guy just opens the car door, takes a bag of food and wanders off.

Trucks at work usually have food in them for lunch. This bear has learned that and is checking each and every truck to see which one, or two might provide him with a lucky meal.

Be sure if you are in a park like Yellowstone that you keep your windows rolled up and lock your doors. Lets me say that last part again before you watch this video. LOCK YOUR DOORS!

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