Have you ever driven down a Wyoming mountain highway, looked at the runaway truck turnout, and tried to imagine what it would be like to actually have to use one of those things?

I can't put you in the seat of one of those trucks, but I can show you a few videos shot by folks who have seen it happen.

Here in Wyoming there are a few places where there is not enough room for a truck to stop on a ramp. So WYDOT built a "Dragnet System" that looks more like it was designed to stop a jet fighter landing on an aircraft carrier.

Colorado NBC News Channel 9 filed the following story, showing some nail biting videos.

Most ramps take the truck high up a hill for a gravity assisted stop. Some are on a flat area and use a lot of sand and gravel to slow the truck down.

This one ended with little drama. Breaks lost, truck takes ramp. Easy stop.

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