He regrets nothing. The garbage can was just fed up with the trash the woman had been feeding him all these years. Enough with the tasteless organic junk. He wanted to go back to the days of rotting meat mixed with old coffee grounds.

And enough of having to share with those snooty recycle bins. Bringing them in was just insulting, and they make fun of him.

Finally, he was also a little sick of being dragged out and left on the curb on the worst weather days, then being slammed around by the garbage man and tossed back to the curb side.

I guess we all snap sooner or later. Perhaps that is why this garbage can finally lost it and clocked this lady, knocking her right to the ground.

But this is not the first time such a viscous attack has happened. See below as a young boy is brutally beaten by his family's trash can in what seems to be an unprovoked attack.

No charges have been filed, yet, in either case. Perhaps the victims are afraid to speak out.

Those of you old enough might remember the movie, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes. Perhaps the next horror movie, or Stephen King novel, should be titled Rise of the Trash Bin...


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