In a report released by GasBuddy, gas prices in Wyoming have returned to levels seen before the start of the pandemic, with prices averaging $2.90 per gallon, the same as two years ago, compared to $1.75 a year ago.

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Wyoming gas prices are almost completely in line with national prices, with the current national average being $2.89 per gallon, and $1.76 a year ago.

Wyoming sits on the higher end when it comes to average gas prices, as it is the 14th most expensive state when it comes to gas prices.

Across the country, California currently has the highest average gas prices at $4.05 a gallon, while Texas has the lowest average prices at $2.60 per gallon.

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, said it appears gas prices and demand will continue to rise with COVID-19 becoming less of an issue.

"Gas prices are going to continue slowly trending higher over the days and weeks ahead as we continue to see COVID related recover," De Hann said. "We shouldn't set any record prices, but certainly looking at prices today... we're kind of back to normal in the sense that prices are back to where they were in early may of 2019."

De Hann said that gas prices in Wyoming are approaching $3 a gallon within the next few weeks.

"The situation ripe for higher demand, I think prices in Wyoming may breach that average of $3 a gallon in the weeks ahead, potentially by memorial day," De Hann said. "Not a record, just a little uncomfortable."

Over the past few months, gas prices have been relatively steady in Wyoming, with prices averaging $2.89 per gallon in the beginning of April and $2.78 in the beginning of March.

However there was a big jump from February to March, with the price per gallon increasing by 17.8%, an increase from $2.36 at the beginning of February.

De Hann said the increase in gas prices in February is something seen across the country as vaccines became widely distributed and oil demand increased.

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