Did you know that you could get a bathroom mirror shaped like your state?

Actually, you could place that mirror somewhere else in your house.

That's really interesting when you live in a state shaped like Florida or Texas.

But do I really need to order a special mirror if I live in WYOMING?

As far as I can tell every mirror in every bathroom is shaped like Wyoming.

No extra charge.

For that matter, there are many products out there celebrating the greatness of Wyoming by being shaped just like that great state's borders.

Picture from the ESTY website.
Picture from the ESTY website.

Most of you have pillows on your sofa shaped like the great state of Wyoming.

In the kitchen cutting food? What is that cutting board shaped like?

Every hotel room in Wyoming has beds, pillows, and mirrors shaped like Wyoming. That's some great marketing and I don't think anyone did it on purpose.

I like eating Wheat Thins. Those yummy little crackers look just like Wyoming. Taste like Wyoming dirt too. But I still like them.

Many states put the silhouette of their state on their highway signs.

In Wyoming, every highway sign is already shaped like our state.

It's so much fun to pull out an old map of Wyoming and the map itself is shaped like the state.


Did you know that before wheels were round, they were shaped like the state of Wyoming? Strange, because back in the day of the caveman, Wyoming was not a state.

Most picture frames are shaped like Wyoming.

Some pizza restaurants are making their pizzas in the shape of Wyoming.

I love square pizza. Taste like Wheat Thins.

A slice of bread is shaped like Wyoming.

I wonder if the inventor of sliced bread was from Wyoming.


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