I came across this interesting website under the name DocThissen. He's a man after my own heart. He likes to travel and find out what can be seen when he gets off the interstate in Wyoming and lets the road take him to what history might be out there.

Thanks to the Albany County Historical Society and The Alliance For Historic Wyoming for bringing this gentleman up to speak.

The video of his lecture is below and is eye-opening to the historic details we drive by everyday without knowing what we just passed.

In his lecture he even brings up the names of towns that no longer exist but are still there on the map or GPS.

In many cases, all that is left of the places he explores are the old foundations of homes and shops that were once there. But there are records in the history books and even old photos for those who want to dig. Today's internet makes searching a lot easier, but not all information is on the internet yet. That is why we count on gentlemen, like the one in the video below, to do the digging for us. Thank heavens they are out there.

In my own travels across the state I have often seen abandoned buildings of all sorts of different types as well as roads that are no longer used, rail road tracks, and bridges.

The lecture, with photos, are in the video below. It is an eye-opening experience to see the history we drive by when we do not pull off the interstate to explore.

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