Does this forecast sound familiar?

Stock up on supplies, here we go again. Details below.

Just last week a big April snowstorm moved through Montana, northern Wyoming, and shut down much of North Dakota.

This next storm is arriving almost exactly a week later and doing almost exactly the same thing.

From northern and central Wyoming, across the Bighorns. From as far down as Casper to up through Montana - over to the Black Hills and up into North Dakota, here is how it plays out.


We start with rain on Friday.

Rain turns to snow overnight as temperatures drop.

Saturday will be a mess of heavy snow, wind, and road closures.

The storm comes to an end on Sunday. Then comes the fun of cleaning up.

The only thing forecasters are not sure of is how well the storm develops on the southern end of its track.

How much of this you will get will depend on where you are, but all of the areas just mentioned will get some.

Regional weatherman Don Day of Day Weather explains it all with charts and maps on his podcast. You can watch that below.

Don has a special warning for stock growers in the area. This is one of those storms that can be the toughest due to the calving season.

Grab what supplies you need so you don't need to go out of the house, unless urgent, and buckle down for a little while.

The good news is, we have been needing the wet, and here it is. This system and the others before it have provided everything we have been hoping for with the mountain snowpack.

There, you have a silver lining.

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