Jordyn Reinquist is a High School Senior at Glenrock High School. #gobigpurple

Not only is does she participate in Natrona 4-H but she is also a member of her High School's FFA (Future Farmers of America) Chapter.

Almost exactly a year ago Reinquist participated in the National Western Stock Show's (NWSS) Catch-A-Calf Program. Reinquist, along with 39 other students caught a calf that was among 40 let loose in the arena following last year's rodeo.

"The students feed [the calf], and return with the animal one year later as a market-ready steer at the National Western Stock Show. The steers are judged on production and carcass quality, while the participants are judged on showmanship, record books, and a personal interview."

The Grand and Reserve Grand Champion participants then sell their steers at the Auction of Junior Livestock Champions.

Herder Pride via Facebook
Herder Pride via Facebook

This year, Jordyn Reinquist and her calf won Reserve Grand Champion, which means all of her hard work and care of her animal over the last year paid off.

Literally...these animals often sell for $30,000 or more.

When asked about her experience  Reinquist said

Catch-A-Calf to me was an opportunity to show others that even with a commercial steer, you can turn it into a show quality steer with the right amount of feed and love.

The NWSS Catch-A-Calf program has been active for over 80 years and to date has awarded nearly 3,000 steers to 4-H members from the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska.

How cool is it that one of our local girls was not only able to participate in this amazing opportunity, BUT she also ended up winning too?


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