Announced in a press release by Governor Mark Gordon, a federal district court judge in the Western District of Louisiana has granted a preliminary injunction on Friday which stops a plan by President Joe Biden's administration to end Title 42.

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The injunction was in response to a lawsuit by 24 Republican states, including Wyoming.

The lawsuit centers around an attempt by the Biden administration to stop the implementation of Title 42, an immigration policy that allows border patrol agents to expel migrants they encounter without going through the usual process.

The implementation of Title 42 has been criticized by various groups, including Human Rights Watch, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the American Immigration Council, due to the adverse impact it has had on migrants trying to claim asylum in the U.S.

Gordon said in support of the ruling:

"It is a shame that our coalition of 24 states had to go to court to argue that our nation needs to secure our border," Gordon said. "This ruling recognizes that all states are impacted by the Biden Administration’s failed border policies, and that the sovereignty of our country is at risk. This is a win for common sense and the rule of law."

While there have been almost 650,000 enforcement encounters using Title 42 so far this year, compared to 1,063,526 in 2021, there was a decrease from 111,170 in March to 96,908 in April, a decrease of 12.8%, both of which are lower than the numbers from March and April 2021.

The injunction includes a claim by Wyoming that there are "approximately 5,000 to 7,000 illegal aliens living in the State, and they cost Wyoming taxpayers more than $26.1 million a year."

However, the filing lists that that claim, along with similar claims from the other 24 plaintiffs, is put under the unverified allegations section, meaning they aren't sufficient evidence on their own to support the injunction.

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