A man was arrested...and rightfully so for standing in the street and swinging swords at people and yelling at them as they passed by in their car.

According to a Facebook post by the Greeley Police Department, just before 11 P.M. on Monday, authorities received calls about a man who was harassing vehicles around 18th Avenue and 2nd Street.


One caller reported that the man was 37-year-old Patrick Morado, who was armed with two Katana swords, which has a  curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands.

When officers arrived, they found Morado just hanging out in the street swinging swords and cussing up a storm. They asked him to stop, he said no (or some other things of the sort) so officers kicked up their efforts to a bit stronger level and finally got him to drop his swords.

That's when they moved in quickly and apprehended the suspect, who was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries during the apprehension.

Once he left the hospital, Morano was booked into the Weld County jail on nine counts of first degree assault and menacing.

Life tip of the day: DON'T be a menace to society.

Thankfully no serious injuries were reported to any bystanders, officers...or vehicles.

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