It's a good thing that so many people are carrying their cell phones into the wilderness these days. That provides for us scenes that, normally, we would have never witnessed.

In this collection of videos, we will see some shaky scenes shot by people who witnessed grizzly bears going after mountain goats.

In this contest, each of the two have their own advantages. Who wins will be a matter of strategy.

Here you can see two bears chasing one goat in a rocky, low-lying area. The goat will have a chance if he can get to a cliff to climb.

Mama and her baby hide on the rock above the road. The bear is trying to figure out how to get down there. Bears are good climbers but this might be a bit too much for him.

Bear gets his goat - the goats don't always get away. Here we see a bear that lands a successful kill.

If the bears are this good at getting their goat, then you might want to think twice about  a bear getting your goat. By that, obviously, I mean YOU. These are aggressive wild animals. If they are hungry they will see you as food. No hugs. No pictures. Keep very far away. They can run fast for a long way, as you see in these videos. Keep very far away.

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