Tuesday, 07/21/2020, a big storm cell moved over Laramie County Wyoming. The next morning, social media was flooded with photos of the storm and what it dropped on residents.

Here are some links to a few of the best photographs out there.

Randy True, who posts on Wyoming Through The Lens, wrote that he was expecting a funnel cloud as he took this photo of the massive storm cell near his home.

Jeri Uric posted these photos of hail and wrote - "You’ve no doubt seen great pics of Cheyenne’s super cell from out of town, I live right underneath it and took a huge hit. These things were hard as rocks and heavy. And creepy, I’ve lived in Cheyenne my whole life and this is the first time I heard hail coming before it started hitting, it was like a low, fast hum. It was incredibly ominous."

Mike Moser shows us, using a quarter for reference, a photo of golf ball size hail.

Cristopher Niemann captured video of hail coming down. "Weather is always exciting here in WY. Nice day of rain to hail back to rain to lighting and thunder," he wrote.

Already there are those warning of Hail Inspector & Repair Scammers.

One of the most impressive photos of a storm cell from this day was posted by Lynel Barber-kupec who simply wrote, "Looking a bit ominous...:

But the prize might just go to The National Weather Service who found this photo of base ball size hail from one of these passing cells. Photo credit: Brian K. Martin for a bowl of big hail.

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