A suspect stole the very patrol car he was placed inside of after getting arrested.

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That's according to a social media post from the Rawlins Police Department, who wrote that on Friday, October 8th Rawlins PD attempted a traffic stop on a 2004 Harley Davidson. The motorcycle had no visible registration.

The operator of the motorcycle failed to stop, which initiated a pursuit from the Rawlins PD trooper, who was assisted by the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

The vehicles traveled west on I-80 until approximately mile marker 189, when the operator of the motorcycle abandoned his bike and fled on foot.

Rawlins PD said that after a brief foot chase, the suspect was taken into custody. He was placed in handcuffs and put in the back of the police car.

And if this were any other story, that would be the end. But this is not any other story.

Though the suspect was "secured on the rear prisoner area of the Rawlins Police Department's patrol car," he was able to slide his handcuffed arms to the front of his body and crawl through the center partition of the back cage.

He then stole the Rawlins Police Department vehicle.

It was unclear if an officer was also in the vehicle, or if a struggle ensued.

Rawlins PD writes that the Wyoming Highway Patrol and a Rawlins Police Officer pursued the vehicle, again westbount on I-80. They noted that the pursuit continued through Sweetwater County, to mile marker 119. There, the suspect lost control of the vehicle in the center median, exited the police vehicle and fled on foot.

The report noted that after another brief foot pursuit, the suspect, who was still in handcuffs, was taken into custody.

"The suspect is facing numerous charges in Sweetwater Carbon County," the post stated. "There were no injuries sustained to the suspect or officers involved."

Rawlins PD said that for more information, you can contact Mira Miller, the City of Rawlins Community Relations Coordinator, at 307-328-4500 ext. 1022.

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