March 7, 2023 — Today is March 7th. Around these parts, it is known as “307 Day,” the day we celebrate Wyoming's lone area code.

My sister came to visit Wyoming and it did not take long for him to start asking what the heck all the 307 was.

It's on cars and bumper stickers.

Hats, t-shirts, signs.

307 is plastered all over the place.

"WHAT HE HECK WITH THE 307," she wanted to know.

"That's our area code, for the entire state," I explained.

"Well, who the heck is going to know that?"

"It's a Wyoming thing," I explained.

Waiting for message

Did you know Wyoming is one of 11 states to have a single area code?

Frankly, I did not know that there were so many states with just one area code.

The others are Alaska (907), Delaware (302), Hawaii (808), Maine (207), Montana (406), New Hampshire (603), North Dakota (701), Rhode Island (401), South Dakota (605), Vermont (802).

So at this point, you might be wondering if Wyoming will ever need a second area code.

That's probably never going to happen.

Each three-digit code has a capacity of 7,919,900 phone numbers, over 14 times the Cowboy State's entire population.

So can anyone really see Wyoming reaching that population?

Nobody can, and nobody wants to.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

We kinda like being the state with the lowest populations, sitting on such a big chunk of land.

One year, the Wyoming Office of Tourism officially declared March 7th as "Wyoming Pride Day".

So if you have a 307 hat or shirt to wear, maybe a 307 flag, whatever, show it off.

Post it on social media too.

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