Like many of the haunted locations on the Haunted 307 list, The Historic Higgins Hotel was originally built because of a boom- in this case, oil. However, it proved to be such a charming place to stay on the great plains that the original owner decided not to leave, even after passing away.

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The Higgins Hotel was built in 1916 by a local rancher, oil investor, and legislator, John E. Higgins, where he lived with his wife, Josephine until her untimely death in an automobile accident. John passed away shortly afterwards, leaving a a disputed will among the heirs that lead to the sale of the property and the creation of the hotel, which at the time was called the Tabor hotel, after the new owners.

The hotel includes a bar and restaurant and remains a popular place among travelers, locals, and spirits alike. Josephine is said to still reside in the hotel, being seen in full-bodied apparition form on the stairs and in the dining room, watching after her home from the afterlife.

Another ghost who is said to still reside on the premises is former housekeeper who is affectionately known as Edith, who is kind enough to tuck guests into bed. Now that's hospitality! Other guests claim to see the same face of a man that shows up in their photographs taken on the property, though no one has identified the figure.

The hotel owners take a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek stance on the fact that their place of business might have a few hauntings here and there.

 We can tell you for sure – they haven’t bothered us!  If they are here – they must be friendly.

Seriously, not one of the many “stories” from over the years described our ghosts as anything more than watchful or omnipresent.    -Higgins Hotel Website 

How would you feel to meet the previous owner on a darkened staircase at night, or have Edith tuck you in before bed while staying in the haunted Higgins Hotel in Glenrock?

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