Little Hudson, Wyoming has a population of around 433. You'll find it on Highway 789 between Lander and Riverton. That little town is home to one of the most famous steakhouses in Wyoming.

Sounds quaint, doesn't it?

While eating there at that famous little steak house I had to ask, What's that place across the street with the skulls and the skeleton up top? The word "ROOMS" was written across the top.

The waiter laughed and became a little embarrassed.

"It used to be a brothel."

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I asked what it was before, or after, it was a brothel.

"No," he said, "it was always a brothel. It was finally shut down in the 1930s. Not one business has opened there since."

He went on to explain that the place once had a terrace with steps leading up to it. But the road was recently widened and so all of that needed to be taken down.

I could not find anyone who knew why the place was decorated up for Halloween. Perhaps that's why it was decorated and those creepy things were never taken down.

Maybe somebody tried to start some other tourist business here with these objects. But I'm just guessing about that.

Still, this stuff makes me want to have a look inside.

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There was a time when the little town of Hudson was a busy place visited by famous travelers.

Now there only seem to be a couple of places open for business.

The only activity is Svilar's Bar and Steak House.

That's a famous steak house that almost went out of business during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Let's just say for the fun of it, that the creepy place in Hudson, Wyoming, which used to be a brothel, was reopened. This time without the skeleton and skulls.

Would you stay there?

I'm thinking it's actually haunted. Honestly, I'm hoping it is.

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