8:30 a.m. Saturday Morning. 8.13/22.

Western Wyoming, somewhere over The Grand Tetons and around that area. A BOOM! was heard in the sky. Windows rattled.

What was that?

Something broke the sound barrier as it headed toward Utah.

Residents across northern Utah reported hearing a loud boom moments later. That sucker was moving fast.

Homes shook. Windows rattled.

Some home security cameras got video of it and even heard it. 

People reported hearing the noise from areas from Roy to Bluffdale, Utah, and everywhere in between.

Seismologists were called. Not an earthquake, they said.

'I have experienced many earthquakes,' said Luz Hernandez, who lived in Puerto Rico for years. 'So because everything shakes, in the house, the walls, definitely it was not that case here — just a big sound.' (Fox 13 Utah).

Then came this Tweet.

Robert Lunsford with the American Meteor Society said it’s rare to hear the sound created by a meteor.

'Your normal meteor is only the size of a pea or a small pebble. This particular object was probably the size of a beachball,' Lunsford said.

'You’ve got a big chunk of rock flying through space, and sometimes they even break up,' added Duke Johnson with the Clark Planetarium. 'And then you can get multiple booms, and I saw that the Weather Service did have two different blimps on the radar from this thing so it appears that it may have broken up.' (Fox 13 Utah).

Okay, so it go low and made a big BOOM! on the way over.

Watch here for more videos of the meteor and people reacting to the sound.

Did it hit someplace? It is only called a meteorite if it actually hits the ground.

If anyone finds a piece it could be worth tens our thousands of dollars.

So far there has not been any report of that. If somebody finds something, we'll let you know.

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