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As a professional broadcaster, I can tell you the key to being a professional broadcaster is to never let anything get to you. No matter what happens, just keep going as if it is all just part of the job.

Announcer Kevin Harlan needs to win some sort of an award for this HYSTERICAL play-by-play of the streaker that ran out on to the field during this last Super Bowl.

Mr. Harlan called it as he saw it, and he would admit that he was seeing more than he wanted to.

"HES AT THE 30 - THE 20 ---- THE TEN --- DOWN AT THE GOAL LINE!" Cried Mr. Harlan.

Using us energetic yet professional tone he let his radio audience see what he was seeing, though not in too much detail, as the streaker was chased down and tackled.

Then, Mr. Harlan "sized up" the streakers performance and talked about what the man did right and what he did wrong.

Let's face it, anyone who wants to streak during a Super Bowl is hoping to go viral. But to have a famous and well respected announcer like Kevin Harlan call it, then offer commentary after the fact, has to be the greatest thrill ever.

This streaker went to jail with a smile on his face. A smile that got ever bigger when he first heard Mr. Harlen reacting.

I am just glad I am not friends with the streaker. He will be telling this story the rest of his life , over, and over, annnd over.

I would, however, like to be friends with Kevin Harlan.

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