Jillian Balow joined Glenn Woods on Wake Up Wyoming to talk about a few important issues face Wyoming schools. You can hear that interview in the link below.

When Jillian Balow ran for the office of Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction she was focused on teaching our kids.

But since being in office she's been confronted with the threat of radical indoctrination of Critical Race Theory, COVID mandates and massive state budget shortfalls.

She's been busy plowing through all of these problems. On occasion she feels the need to talk to the public about how she and her staff have been handling these issues.

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Regarding Critical Race Theory, and other attempts at radical indoctrination Republicans have introduced a bill that they argue will increase curriculum transparency.

Wyoming Senate Majority Floor Leader Ogden Driskill, R-Devils Tower, and Senate President Dan Dockstader, R-Afton, announced that are co-sponsoring the Civics Transparency Act, which they say will give parents the ability to see what teachers are teaching in the classroom.

Jillian Balow joined me on Wyoming's morning talk show, Wake Up Wyoming, to talk about the bill, her support of it, and the other issues facing the state like COVID mandates and massive state budget shortfalls.

You can hear that interview at this link. - Select Wake Up Wyoming and the interview on Critical Race Theory

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Regarding masks in schools, Mrs. Balow is leaving that decision up to each school district. The state might issue guidance, but it would be up to parents and administrators to figure out what was best for their local schools.

When it came to the state budge she spoke about reaching into the states savings to keep the schools running, but then went on to discuss major cuts that the state legislators and school districts needed to make.

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