Wyoming is a big state, obviously, with very few people per square mile. Yet no matter where you might go you will never get away from the sounds of human activity.

Wyoming artist and photographer Tim Madese spent the night at the KOA campground at the base of Devils Tower, in Wyoming. He sat for a moment listing to the sounds around him and tried to imagine what it would sound like without the human element.

What you see in the photo above is his homemade parabolic mic. It allows him to isolate and capture sound. He recorded audio for a good long while then took the file home to edit.

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At the bottom left of the picture, you can see what the audio looked like in his sound editor. There is a distinct difference in the way human machines show up on the graph compared to the sounds of nature. He was able to isolate and remove most of the human sounds.

Below is the audio that he posted on YouTube.

If you are able to get yourself into a room where you are isolated from outside noise, or perhaps put on some headphones, you can sit back and enjoy the sounds of Wyoming, without humans.

It is not a quiet as you might think. Listen closely and you will hear bugs birds, wind, and the babbling of a nearby river. Many other natural noises can be heard if you take the time to pick them out. You will hear some nearby dogs and maybe some KOA campers talking off in the distance. The longer into the audio file you listen the more unique sounds pop up.

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