Bomber Mountain is the crest of a ridgeline located in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. From a distance, you can see it just to the south side of Cloud Peak, which is the tallest peak in the range. The mountain is located about 23 miles from the town of Buffalo.

It was the 28th of June 1943, a B-17 Flying Fortress, nicknamed "Scharazad", departed Pendleton Army Air Base in Pendleton, Oregon, destined for Grand Island, Nebraska

The 10 member crew were to join the 383rd Bomb Group and continue to England to join the war.

There was one last radio call heard from the captain over Powder River. They were not heard from again.

Two days later, two cowboys spotted something glinting sunlight near Cloud Peak. They climbed up and discovered the wreckage and the deceased crew.

Special thanks for Levi Clemen for offering us these photos he took on his recent hike up to the crash site, September of 2020.

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