Was he on something? Legal or illegal drugs. It does not seem so. So what was wrong with the California man who exhibited bizarre behavior after colliding with the Teton Pass truck arrestor?

Eyewitnesses saw a 1998 Volvo collide with the truck arrestor between mileposts seven and nine on Wyoming Hwy. 22, heading toward Jackson, Wyoming.

Charles Green, 61, then pulled out and drive away. He had three dogs in the car.

“As he came into Wilson, people were saying he was running people off the road,” Jackson said. “He couldn’t see out of his windshield because it was completely destroyed. We contacted him at the Snake River bridge, where he had pulled over of his own accord.” (Jackson Hole News & Guide). 

Here is a video of a test of that very truck arrester.

The man was questioned. He seemed to be exhibiting symptoms of a psychotic episode according to witnesses.

“He wasn’t impaired,” Jackson said. “What he was saying just wasn’t making sense. The questions I asked didn’t match the answers he gave. He seemed delusional in some ways. I couldn’t keep up.” (Jackson Hole News & Guide). 

That driver did not appear suicidal or homicidal. That limits what the highway patrol officers can do to help. Still, Green was taken to jail on charges of hit and run, failing to report an accident, and not having insurance.

He did have a small amount of marijuana in the trunk of his car. That did not seem to have anything to do with his condition.

The arrestor is closed for repairs. That could cost up to $73,000. Do you think they will bill the driver for those repairs?

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