I'm guessing there will be no way to eat this without making a mess. SO BE IT!

Banana pudding is one of the best treats ever. Add those wonderful vanilla cookies to them and there is no way to make it better. Or is there?

Josh Elkin, of the Recipe Champions blog, has a recipe on his blog for something called the Banana Pudding Taco. When I saw this I wondered how he solved the problem of the pudding spilling all over the place when someone bites into it? I bet he didn't solve it at all. I don't care. 

The shell will be a vanilla taco shell that tastes the same as those wonderful 'nilla wafer cookies. Then, add homemade vanilla pudding and fresh bananas.

The Recipe From Champions blog takes only 15 minutes to makes these treats. In the video above, you'll see how you can make the shell at home in very little time.

Now for those who are reading this and wondering why, of all people, I'm the one online sharing a recipe - because - banana tacos, that's why. I don't actually plan to make them myself. But I have several friends who will see this and they will have to give it a try. Then they will share one with me just because I'm the one who told them about it. So, you see, this entire article is just an evil plot, and I don't care. 

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