With Cheyenne Frontier Days now at our back for another year, we really need to sit down and recollect over what an awesome 10 days it was. I mean, we had a carnival, world class entertainment at the night shows, 10 rodeos and 4 parades. That's a lot to pack into 10 days.

Speaking of the parades, I had a bird's eye view of the parade going down Capitol from my office Downtown Cheyenne. One thing I noticed during the parade, is there is a TON of horse poop, with good reason. I mean, it's Cheyenne Frontier Days, what's a parade without a ton of horses trotting through the streets of what was once the Old West.

As the parade ends, there's another parade that goes through the streets. The parade of the Unsung Heroes of Cheyenne Frontier Days, the street sweepers. They come down the street in a beautifully synchronized formation and scrub the heck out of the street. Making sure there is no danger of someone comically slipping in the waste and sliding down to Colorado.

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Cody Tucker Townsquare Media
Cody Tucker Townsquare Media

Just look at those beauties. These are really nice street sweepers. I'm sure when they purchased these bad boys, they put horse poop scrubbing into the decision. So, we're looking at top of the line scrubbers here.

I'm sure driving these is a lot of fun during the parade, and I'd bet people jump at the opportunity to be on display for residents and tourists a like. If it weren't for the brave men or women that drive these guys, we'd be left to using a guy with a John Deere and a shovel.

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