When most folks think about hospice care they think about the last few days of a person's life and how they can get help dealing with the tragic end.

But hospice is much more than that.

When a person hears that they are faced with a terminal problem, even up to 6 months out, their quality of life can be good for most of that time. This is when hospice can come in and help them, and their family, fully enjoy those final months both physically and mentally. They even offer bereavement counseling to the family.

Hospice does not have to be a permanent decision. There are cases when treatment pulls the patient through and so hospice can be canceled, or even just put on hold for a time. Relapses happen.

Studies show that loved ones with the help of hospice care actually have their lives prolonged and the quality of that life is higher.

Hospice does not take away the decision of the loved one, or the family members. They are there to assist. If a loved one no longer wants medical care it can be stopped. If they want to try some new treatment, they can do that too.

Most hospice care can be done at home. That is where most people prefer to be.

There is often a worry about the cost. But much of the cost can be handled by Medicare and Medicaid and hospice helps with the paperwork.

Central Wyoming Hospice And Transitions is available to talk with someone who is facing and of life and their loved ones at any time. CWHP.org

They are one of many hospice centers around Wyoming.

Casper, Wyoming is offering a Caregiver Bootcamp at the Casper Senior Center, Saturday, September 25th from 10am to 4pm. 

Space is limited. It is a free event with lunch.

To register or for more information call 307-333-0437.

Email - Referrals@Epsilonhealthsolutions.com

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