Maybe it's more home-cooked meals or more cleaning days in your household.

Our worlds were rocked by this pandemic. And by "worlds", I mean our collective world and our own individual worlds. It's been a rough few months and I pray that we are able to get past this quickly and get some normalcy back.

However, we may have picked up some new habits during this down time.

I'm a believer that you can establish both good and bad habits in a matter of 30 days if done with consistency. For most of the nation, our lockdown was double that time. So what habits have you formed or what kind of behavior changes have you seen since the shutdown in March?

A recent Harris Poll, done for the University of Phoenix, reveals that we are living our lives differently than we did before the pandemic hit.

One major, and obvious, change is our cleaning regimen. 70 percent of respondents say that they are scrubbing down the house more. And speaking of changes within the house, 61 percent of us are cooking at home more and 50 percent are stocking the kitchen and pantry for emergency situations.

We've also become a little more thoughtful. 29 percent of poll takers say they have stopped making impulsive decisions. I believe this is because when you act impulsively, there is usually money being spent. Since we're all pinching our pennies a little more, I'm thinking we're exercising more caution. For me, this means I'm visiting Target less often since I can't control myself in that store.

How have things changed in your household or for just you as an individual?

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