In a recent article, one of our affiliate radio personalities, Doc Holliday, posted a story showing what he call "A BAZILLION ELK" near Cody Wyoming.

That prompted a rather lively discussion on my morning radio show. "What exactly do we mean by "A BAZILLION?"

You can follow the link to see the story and watch the video. But I'll tell you up front, I counted, and I did not come anywhere near A BAZILLION!

But then again, I'm not sure how much a bazillion is.

When I counted I decided to NOT take the advice of one of my Cheyenne listeners, Fire Pit Paul, who told me to count all the hooves and divide by 4. That seemed like even more work.

Okay so lets look up the word BAZILLION and see what we get:

According the Webster's Dictionary: A Bazillion is a huge, unspecified number.

Well, that's not good enough. I dug deeper and found that the order is, Zillion, Bazillion, Gazillion, Jillion, and you can just keep making up names after that.

So each word is bigger than the other, numerically, but none of these terms actually have a specific number attached to them. -- WEIRD!

So if you find yourself looking at more Wyoming elk than you care to try and count you can just go ahead and say, "WOW, there must be a bazillion of them." If you then see more you can say, "WOW, maybe even a gazillion."

Using these words will save you the trouble of having to count all the hooves and dividing by 4.

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