It turns out these guys are pretty stinking expensive.

It seems like everywhere I look these days there are Christmas decorations to be found. My neighborhood is slowly, but surely starting to light up with each passing night. It really is the most wonderful time of the year as I find myself filled with joy and the wonder of a child. And then you get to my house and there is nothing going on. The Christmas decorations have yet to come out of storage and it's mostly because we don't have a tree yet. Which brings me to my next holiday observation...

Christmas trees are expensive.

Now, I'm not sure about live Christmas trees, but the artificial ones are definitely more pricey than I thought. My husband and I were debating in the aisle for what seemed like and hour trying to figure out which one would work in our home. First we wanted to narrow down what we wanted, but when it came time to pull the trigger and take one home, I hesitated. Pre-lit artificial trees will cost you over a hundred dollars, easily. And if you want a good one that comes with a warranty and will last (and will also be taller than four feet), you're gonna fork over a few hundred bucks.

I'm sorry, but that's not the magic of Christmas I remember as a kid.

I should probably point out that we're in this predicament because our last tree died on us last year. We promised we would buy a new one at the end of the season when they are on sale, but even then we were sick of spending money. Ultimately we said 'forget it' and now we're paying for it... literally.

So what is your Christmas tree limit when it comes to price?

Under $100
Over $1000

I have yet to see a tree break the $2000 mark, but I bet it's out there somewhere.

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