Now and then we all need to be reminded of a few common sense rules.

When it comes to winter, there are a few things WYDOT wants to remind you of.

Give those big snow plow trucks room.

DO NOT pass close to them.

DO NOT tailgate.

Those plow trucks have many blind spots. Most of the time they have no idea that you are there.

If a plow is involved in the act of plowing, DO NOT PASS IT. That's about the most dangerous move you can make. Besides, the newly plowed and sanded road is right behind the truck. He might be moving slow. But that's okay. Behind him is the safe place to be.

Denver Post via Getty Images
Denver Post via Getty Images

Speaking of speed, you know that snowplows typically plow and sand roads at speeds below the posted speed limit. They drive at 45 mph or less. Still, the safest spot on the road to drive is right behind them. But not too close.

On the interstate some plows have tow plows.

Those are large pieces of equipment that help plow operators plow both driving and passing lanes simultaneously.

You really don't want to try and pass those things.

Watch out for those big clouds those plows kick up. You can suddenly get blinded by it.

Once again, keep a distance behind them.

They are dropping salt, or sand, depending on the condition.

You might have noticed a theme here:

Take is easy, be patient.

Don't be that guy who thinks he has to blast around everybody to get there fast. Do that and chances are you won't get there at all.

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