This is the story of how a Wyoming welder and rancher fought the EPA and won.

It took five years.

The story began when Andy Johnson filed a permit to build a stock pond on his property with the state of Wyoming. The state granted approval and helped with the process.

Not only was the pond built to state specification, but Mr. Johnson even went so far as to make sure his pond helped clean the natural waterways and was a benefit to local wildlife. The state of Wyoming was pleased with what he had done and approved his work.

Shortly after the pond was finished, agents of the EPA arrived and demanded that we tear apart the pond, eventually deciding they would fine him $37,500.00 a day until the work was done. There would be no way that Andy Johnson would be able to afford those fines or the court cases to fight the EPA.

The video, below, is the story I filed shortly after Andy's fight began and tells of his troubles in the middle of the fight.

Hearing this, Governor Mead called Andy Johnson and told him that the state of Wyoming would have his back in the coming fight.

Thanks go to the Pacific Legal Foundation who gave Andy the recourse to fight and win.

Five years later Andy Johnson gets a call from the White House.

In the video below Andy calls the Wake Up Wyoming show from Washington DC.

At the White House with Andy Johnson present, along with others who have had similar fights with federal agencies, President Trump signed an executive order to end this sort of government abuse.

In the video, below, provided by, Andy stands beside then-president Donald Trump and speaks.

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