Amelia Earhart had visited the Double D Ranch near Kirwin, Wyoming back in 1934. She became great friends with Mr. Dunrud and his family.

At the time Amelia was probably the most famous woman on the planet. She wanted a place to get away from the mobs and decompress.

She was so captivated by the scenery of the area that she asked Mr. Dunrud, owner of the ranch, to build her a little cabin there.

The cabin was never meant to be grand. Just a little two-room getaway in the mountains. Humble is what she wanted.

In 1937 Amelia took off on her round the world flight and never returned.

The can still stand where she left it.

Amelia Earhart & Mr. Dunrud
Amelia Earhart & Mr. Dunrud

Kirwin Wyoming was once a bustling little mining town with around 200 people living there. The mine and town had gone bust. Amelia's cabin was just north of town, a short walk up river from what was left of the town.

Present-day, the entire area is abandoned. Curious hikers and campers venture out that way to see what is left of Kirwin and to have a look at Amelia's humble little cabin.

Would you like to see Amelia Earhart's Wyoming cabin with your own eyes?

I'll start by providing a map for you at this link. 

To make it a little easier let's switch over to a satellite photo. From here you can see the road and zoom in on the cabin. Scroll north on the photo and you'll see that the road gets a little better just north towards Meeteetse Wyoming.

Driving from Meeteetse town to the cabin will take a more rugged vehicle than your average car.

To learn more about how Amelia came to Wyoming and the friendship she made with Mr. Dunrud you can follow this link to an article from the Meeteetse Museum.

The Youtube video below was shot and produced by a local, current day, Wyoming explorer. Here you'll be able to see what he found when he hiked to her cabin.

After Amelia disappeared work on the cab stopped and it was never finished. What you see is how it was left.

There are several other cabins in the area there were either never finished or have fallen apart over the decades. Those were a project by Mr. Dunrud to bring tourists to the area.

You can learn more about the interesting town of Kirwin Wyoming, search for the ghosts that haunt the old mining town, and watch a video about it, at this link.


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