There you are minding your own business, just walking in Wyoming, when suddenly you are attacked by a pack of wolves.

This is probably better than being attacked in one of America's big cities by a pack of thugs.

Actually, maybe not. The wolves are smarter.

So now what do you do?

The video below explains how to do battle with the entire pack and win, leaving the fuzzy beasts confused and humiliated.

If you are going hiking in the Wyoming wilderness this summer I suggest you practice these techniques before you go.

Remember, always go camping with friends who are more out of shape than you, so you can outrun them if attacked by wild animals.

Kick the first wolf in the face.

Send it into the air.

Catch it and throw it at the other wolves.

That should shock them and it shows your intentions and skills at fighting.

Grab some dirt, throw it in another wolfs face.

Use the TV wrestlers SUFLEC maneuver.

Throw him into another wolf.

Showing such dominance will cause the others to scatter.

If you passed your drivers license test the first time this should be easy for you.

I'm actually not sure how these techniques would work in real life.

Maybe, someday, I'll get a chance to try it when I'm walking alone in the great Wyoming Wilderness.

If I get back to you then you know I survived and it worked.

The photo below is a demonstration of the TV Wrestler SUFLEX maneuver. 

attachment-Figting wolves youtube

But this guy's on the internet and calls himself an "EXPERT." So he must be right.

He's even on TikTok. So - how can we doubt him?

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