Yesterday after I got off air, I had lunch at a locally owned burger shop that I love, just t0 help them a little during these tough times. I was happy to see that while the restaurant did not have many people in it, the takeout orders were flying out the door.

Actually, they (and a handful of other shops I have seen) are also compiling sack lunches for families that may be home-bound and need something extra. This is the kind of generosity I'm happy to see.

Other creative ideas include workout classes that are meeting by Skype or lawyers, accountants, and other such services that are usually done by in-person meetings are now meeting by phone and video chat.

These days, buying and paying online is easy. No need to hand over cash or swipe a card. That means we can all order products online, pay, and receive the product or services without seeing anyone.

If there is something you need, just call or contact that business online and ask them how you can get together with them. I am so far delighted to see all of the creative solutions being offered. 

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