For those of you who enjoy staying up all night to watch every number as it comes in and arguing on social media, you'll have to sleep some time. As we all know, this time the election will not be settled in one night.

Most people that I know are worried about this election in one way or another but we have reached the point where there is nothing left to do but wait for those results to come in.

All of the time on your television news stations and your talk radio stations will now be devoted to obnoxious pundits and lying spin-doctors.

"EXPERTS" will comb over every piece of data and, like their counterparts on sports networks, they will talk strategy. None of what they say means anything and none of what they say will effect what is going to happen.

HINT! It's all a waste of your time. All of it will just cause frustration and you will lose a lot of sleep.

ANSWER: Turn it off.

I know, you want to know. But like something good baking in the oven, it will not bake any faster if you keep watching it.

Just do what you normally do and go to bed. When you get up in the morning check the internet for the latest numbers - stay away from the pundits. 

At this point you can start checking the headlines to see the results and the reactions of the public.

Again -  this will not be settled overnight like previous elections. The pie is still in the oven baking.

What is important is that you get a good nights sleep so you can face what is coming next.

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