Please Read This Before Watching The Video Above:

Wyoming tourists have followed GPS out to dirt roads that turn into dirt ruts in the middle of no where, beyond GPS and cell phone range. Thank heavens some local was out there to help them.

There are a few items in this video that can seem a bit confusing and need to be cleared up first.

1). On two occasions the GPS tells me to take a left hand turn. Following the GPS directions would have gotten me to where I was trying to go. But going that way should only be done by a vehicle that can handle those rugged dirt roads. While not the shortest, the quickest, best and by far the safest route would have been to remain on 190 which is the paved road.

2). At one point the GPS tells me to make a u-turn. There was an area close to where you will see me standing on the road that would have allowed me to make that turn. But, once again, most average cars should not attempt it. Also, the GPS told me to turn way beyond that point, in a dangerous area. 

3). There is a lot of confusion about The Hole In The Wall and Outlaw Cave. Then there is the Hole In The Wall Campground and the Outlaw Cave Camp Ground.

A). In the valley we were going to is a long red cliff that spans for miles (as seen in this photo by Tim Mandese). In the middle of it is a narrow pass carved by a river. That is the rugged dirt road that the GPS wanted me to follow. It was through that pass that Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, along with the rest of the "Hole In The Wall Gang" herded stolen cattle in to the lush hidden valley to hide them.

B). Outlaw Cave is farther up the road and down in a canyon. That is not where the Hole In The Wall is. Folks often make the mistake of thinking that the cave is the "Hole In The Wall."

C). Hole In The Wall Campground is in a different direction from Outlaw Cave Campground. Also, Hole In The Wall is not Outlaw Cave. You will see the three names jumbled in directions, even by the Bureau Of Land Management.

Think you've got all that? Okay, now watch the video and try to figure it out.

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